DisLedger® Real Time Payment Demo

Enter a payment between parties A and B. DisLedger processes the transaction keeping the data only between the two counterparties. The code runs in javascript within your browser and generates 1,000 transactions by adding 1 to the transaction number each time to create a load on the system. Even in this demo form it is incredibly fast with definitive, final settlement measured in microseconds.
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Data Entry

Counterparty Ledger


Prime Ledger

Enter a payment

A's copy of CL
Quantity Currency EndToEndID Hash
B's copy of CL
Quantity Currency EndToEndID Hash

A's Net Amount for these transactions between counterparties A and B

Value Name

The Prime Ledger for organization A showing the realtime balance of all of A's assets. This table includes 50,000 EUR and GBP from other counterparty ledgers for A:C and A:D stored in the demo. In production the Prime Ledger will contain all of the asset balances from every counterparty with whom A interacts (A:E, A:F,...).

Summation Asset