Concurrence Ledgers

Designed for Transaction Processing

DisLedger® - Distributed Concurrence Ledgers (patent pending) provide an order of magnitude improvement over current blockchain speed. DisLedger eliminates the technical and organizational weaknesses of the current blockchain consensus models.

DisLedger avoids the weaknesses of blockchains while providing cryptographically secure, non-repudiable transactions and ledgers. Transaction data is shared only between the actual counterparties. With DisLedger, competitors can't see your data or even the volume of your transactions, yet it still allows access for other business processes such as compliance and regulatory oversight.


Individual Transactions

No outdated batch processing of blocks

Blockchains require resource-intensive batch processing of blocks of other organizations' transactions to which you are not a party. Concurrence ledgers process only the individual transactions between you and your counterparties; saving computing and storage resources and reducing IT, electrical and cooling expenses. Most importantly concurrence ledgers provide an immutable, non-repudiable chain of title for the underlying transactions.


Key Characteristics

Distributed Concurrence Ledgers are designed for rapid, secure transactions.

Distributed yet private

Distributed ledgers that provide secure processing without relying on your competitors to approve your transactions.


Concurrence process with cryptographic security provides non-repudiable record of all counterparty transactions.


Provides access to one common dataset for the entire organization with easy partitioning to limit viewing to subsets of ledgers. This allows simplified compliance which can be limited to the specific transactions under the regulator's legal purview.


Rapid processing of transactions without relying on time intensive consensus protocols.