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DisLedger ® is distributed ledger technology with unmatched speed and privacy
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Token Sale
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Token Launch Whitepaper Token Launch Whitepaper
End Time 30 September 2017 - 8AM EDT(UTC-4)/ noon UTC
Token Supply 30 million DCL tokens, distributed in 1,000 IP licenses per token. Provides 30 billion transactions, one year’s estimated usage of the DisLedger architecture.
Supply Issued 4.5 million token cap representing 4.5 billion IP licenses at launch. Distribution is expected to occur between 5-8 October.
Launch Price $30.00 per token at launch, a 57% discount from the $70.00 list price.
Token Rights Token is a per-transaction, intellectual property license to utilize the DisLedger architecture. No security interest is offered or implied.
Token Type ERC20
Decimal Places 3 digits; each DCL token represents 1,000 transactions; e.g. 0.001 DCLs provides the license for one transaction on a DisLedger system
Documentation Token Purchase Agreement - click here to read the legal agreement covering the token sale (Residents of Japan are not eligible to participate at this time.)
Exchanges Exchanges that list the DCL token after launch will be posted here.
Key Characteristics
Distributed Ledgers designed for some of the world's largest companies.
Distributed yet private
Distributed ledgers that provide secure processing without relying on your competitors to approve your transactions.
Concurrence process with cryptographic security provides non-repudiable record of all counterparty transactions.
Provides access to one common dataset for the entire organization with easy partitioning to limit viewing to subsets of ledgers, allows simplified compliance under the regulator's legal purview.
DisLedger allows for rapid processing of transactions without relying on time intensive consensus protocols like the average blockchains on the market. DisLedger is future-proof.
Individual Transactions
No outdated batch processing of blocks
Blockchains require resource-intensive batch processing of blocks of other organizations' transactions to which you are not a party. Concurrence ledgers process only the individual transactions between you and your counterparties; saving computing and storage resources and reducing IT, electrical and cooling expenses. Concurrence ledgers provide an immutable, non-repudiable chain of title for the underlying transactions.
Concurrence Ledgers
Designed for Transaction Processing
DisLedger® - Distributed Concurrence Ledgers (patent pending) provide an order of magnitude improvement over current blockchain speed. DisLedger eliminates the technical and organizational weaknesses of the current blockchain consensus models.
Technical Architecture
High-level Overview
Enterprise-ready Technology
DisLedger works with some of the largest technology providers, Fortune 50 companies and financial institutions in the world to deploy the DCL architecture vastly improving industries such as:
Financial and Capital Markets
Internet-Of-Things micropayments
High-speed Transactional Systems
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About the DisLedger Team
Team of Expert Contributors
We organized a group of experts that are the best in their respective field that could bring the latest knowledge and capabilities to launch DisLedger. We have a large team mostly comprised of contractors - as we expand globally we plan on hiring support staff to assist our customers deploying DisLedger systems. The full list of people that contributed significantly to DisLedger is: 6 developers for the smart contracts, 2 lawyers for regulatory review, 2 lawyers for patents, 3 developers for the demonstration code, a UI/UX designer, and some consultants that connected us to large potential customers...

The clients that we've worked with over the past year have a lot of people from sales, program management, software developers, and systems engineers that are engaged with the project as well.

Distributed Ledger Architect
Dan Conner
Dan Conner created the DisLedger technology to fill the capability gaps that exist in the blockchain architecture. Prior to DisLedger, Dan’s previous technology design projects include an Internet Of Things (IOT) radio system for beyond line of sight data connectivity, and an Active Electrically Steered Array (AESA) antenna design for a commercial satellite constellation. Dan served in the U.S. Army Special Forces 'Green Berets' with combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. He received a B.S. in Commerce and an M.S. in Management Information Systems from the University of Virginia.
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